Sample Menu

Chef Brian Porteus infuses his twenty plus years of international culinary experience in deluxe resorts and elite hotel destinations with a cooking style based on traditional French techniques imbued with modern and mature fusion. His culinary creations are inspired by cultural and global influences, utilizing simple and natural textures, and include only the freshest ingredients locally sourced whenever possible.  Chef Brian believes in enthusing imagination in the kitchen, and his Modern American menus at the Old River House reflect his creativity and global background.

“Great cuisine can only be achieved by resourcefulness, and a great chef has to know and respect products, what’s best in season, what’s possible and act on that knowledge.  My objective here at The Old River House is to create not just great dishes but also memorable dining experiences.” – Chef Brian

The Old River House is pleased to partner with local artisanal farms to source the freshest farm to table ingredients for its menus.